Roll out the green carpet, it’s the annual High Desert Garden Tour


Gardeners from around Central Oregon put down their shovels and hoes to take a tour on Saturday.

The 27th Annual OSU Extension High Desert Garden Tour featured six private gardens around Bend.

Green Thumbs on the tour could also check out the community gardens at Bend’s Hollinshead Park for an up close look at what can be grown on the High Desert.

“It’s certainly different than it is in most other places and we have a lot of people who have moved here and they do have to learn the tricks of gardening in Central Oregon,” said master gardener Chris Miao

Plants that need less water are more popular than ever after years of drought.

“People are beginning to be interested in learning how to garden using less water, what kind of plants do better with lower water requirements,” added Miao.

The tour rotates to different areas of Central Oregon and serves as a fundraiser for OSU Extension.

You can learn more about the OSU Master Gardener Program here.


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