▶️ Caught on camera: Missing cat rings family’s doorbell


Lily, an eight-year-old cat, was used to being an indoor/outdoor cat in her old neighborhood, according to her owner Stefanie Whitley. Even though she was adventurous, she would always come home after a day of exploring.

After Whitley and her family moved to a new neighborhood in Mastic Beach, N.Y., Lily – unfamiliar with the area – went missing after about two weeks.

About four days after she went missing, the family was at home and their Ring doorbell rang. They were startled, unsure of who it could be at a late hour.

Lily’s face appeared on the Alexa screen. She had propped herself up on the door and rang the bell, looking to be let inside.

The family could not believe what they were seeing and raced to the door to let her back in. The emotional reunion was all captured on the Ring camera.


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