▶️ Bend trailer theft caught on Ring video camera


Footage from a neighbor’s Ring camera in Bend caught a vehicle pulling up to a trailer that was reported stolen on Friday. 

The incident occurred on a dirt road that runs along the Pilot Butte Cemetery.

Video footage shows what Bend Police say is believed to be a 2007 Lincoln Navigator pulling alongside a gray, 2021 Iron Eagle trailer. While the footage does not show the actual theft, the victims recognize the vehicle as belonging to a 40-to-50-year-old white woman who they think may be living in her car and could have been casing the trailer for months. 

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The trailer is 6 foot-by 12 foot, dark gray, with stabilizing jacks on the back end and no license plate.

The victim has posted a $500 reward for return of the item and say they will accept the return of the trailer from the alleged thief without consequence. 

Bend Police are currently investigating the theft. 

We recently also received Ring doorbell camera video of a cougar prowling around a home near Shevlin Park. You can watch that video below.


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