▶️ Electric sportscar sets world record for fastest speed in reverse


The electric sportscar developer and manufacture, Rimac, is racing forwards – by going backwards. The Croatian manufacturer set a new record for an electric car on Nov. 7 with its Nevera reaching a top speed of 171 mph in reverse.

Unlike an internal combustion engine car or even some electric cars, the drivetrain of the Nevera has no gears. The four individual motors either go backwards or forwards. Bugatti Rimac’s Chief Program Engineer for the Nevera, Matija Renic said they had joked during development that the Nevera could actually be the fastest in reverse and decided, after beating several other records earlier this year, to put it to the test.

Witnessed by Guinness World Records and verified using data measured by Dewesoft, the Nevera now officially holds the Guinness World Records title for the fastest speed in reverse. Test driver Goran Drndak scored the record for Rimac, surpassing the previous backward-driving record set in 2001.

Rimac’s flagship electric hypercar, the Nevera, features a four-wheel transmission powered by surface-mounted magnet motors, boasting a total horsepower of 1,914 (bhp) and a top speed of 256 mph.

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