▶️ Bend’s Riley Ranch Reserve: a hidden gem with a unique journal feature


Bend, known for its abundance of parks, boasts over 80 distinctive green spaces. Riley Ranch Reserve in northwest Bend stands out with its man-made feature that captures the natural wonders of the area. A secret book is the hidden gem of this park.

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve, opened by the Bend Park and Recreation District in December 2017, offers a remarkable experience for both regular visitors and newcomers. The reserve, void of turf and designated for pedestrian use only, showcases native landscapes that require no irrigation. Dogs and bikes are not permitted, ensuring a stress-free environment for the local wildlife.

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One feature distinguishes Riley Ranch from other parks in the district, the journals. Near the park’s entrance, visitors will find a collection of journals, where anyone can jot down their experiences and reflections.

From snapshots of wildlife observations to personal reflections and imaginative tales, the journals offer a diverse range of entries. Visitors appreciate the tranquility and natural beauty of Riley Ranch, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to disconnect from city life and immerse themselves in nature. Some entries even humorously challenge the reality, featuring encounters with giraffes and ghost friends.

The idea behind the journals originated from a member of the district’s Natural Resources team, who wanted to provide a space for visitors to share their thoughts. The journals have become a beloved addition to the park, inspiring people to write and capture their experiences while enjoying the surroundings.


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