▶️ “Riff-ugee Camp” opens to help out Silver Moon Brewing


In early August, Silver Moon Brewing made the surprising announcement that they would be closing their doors for three weeks.

“We had a little unfortunate shut down due to a little clerical error at our pub downtown,” said James Watts, Silver Moon owner.

That clerical error was a failure to obtain a permit to serve beer at The Pavilion in Bend.

In addition to paying a fine, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission also required the pub to close for 21 days.

They closed their doors Friday, and won’t re-open until October 12th.

After hearing the news that Silver Moon would have to close it’s doors, the owner of Riff Cold Brewed Coffee House offered the brewery the chance to share their space in the Box Factory until they re-open.

“James and Matt have been good friends for quite a number of years,” said Paul Evers, founder and CEO of Riff Cold Brew. “We’ve intersected here in Bend and we’ve both come from the craft beer space. And it was just a natural instinct was, well, “How awful”, we felt really bad about it you know about what was going on. But then the very next thing that came into our consideration was, “What, is there anything that we can do about it?”

To help with continuity for Silver Moon customers, Riff will host Locals Night and Trivia Nights, two of the brewery’s regular events. and have adopted Silver Moon’s usual discounts for Mug Club members.

They’ll also have eight of Silver Moon’s beers on tap, including a brand new beer inspired by Silver Moon’s situation.

“This is the centerpiece of our collaboration time together, this is the Riff-ugee,” he said. 

Evers also adds that, even with the added fun, “We’re making sure we’re complying with every OLCC regulatory requirement.”

While Watts agrees that collaborations like this don’t happen everyday, he says it’s not unusual for the entire craft brewery community to come together to help one another.

“It’s common and it’s frequent here in Central Oregon and we’re definitely making some lemonade out of lemons here,” Watts said. 

Said Evers: “One of the things that’s really great about the craft beer, craft brew community is that it’s very collaborative so this is very natural. And that’s one of the things that makes craft beer great as a category.”


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