▶️ Ridgeview High School students create video to thank school staff



Two weeks ago, the staff at Ridgeview High School created a video on YouTube to give encouraging words to students.

The video gave senior Cole Durr an idea.

“We saw the teachers video that they made, and we kind of were touched by that and we wanted to make a response video,” Durr said.

Last week, teachers received a link to YouTube in their inboxes. The link was to a video featuring dozens of students telling staff and teachers how much they mean to them.

In the video, each student holds up a word that helps form a message thanking Ridgeview staff for their work.

“I think it was a really nice thing for them to receive, for all of us students to be reaching out to them and telling them we miss them too,” Durr said.

Durr and a few of his friends had organized more than 150 students, assigned them each a word and gathered hundreds of pictures into a video.

“I was so moved, not only by the message but by how creative each piece of art was,” Jensine Peterson, the school’s assistant principal, said. “It just made me feel connected to them in a way I know I needed.”

Peterson said seeing the video led to tears for her and for many of her colleagues.

“I feel like we as educators set out to connect to students, and I never in a million years thought they’d flip this and do the same thing for us,” Peterson said.


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