Riders take to the dirt at the High Cascades 100


Nice weekend for a bike ride.

How about 100 mile bike ride?

Riders from around the US and Canada thought so as they hit the trails west of Bend Saturday for the annual High Cascades 100 mountain bike race.

Riders seemed upbeat rolling into a dusty aid station at Swampy Lakes Sno-Park.

“What could be more simple than peddling a bike? If you can’t enjoy that, if you can’t act like you’re a 9 year old again, I mean literally we get to go out and play,” said Robert Lasker of Snoqualmie, WA.

When asked how the race was going a dust covered Lindsay Bognar flashed a smile, revealing more dust.

“I recently moved to Bend about three months ago and I wanted a way to get to know the trails, and I started doing some endurance events last year, and I though this would be an awesome one,” said Bognar.

Th High Cascades wasn’t so high this year, as late season snow is still lingering on parts of the route used in years past.

The course had some figure eights to make up the milage, which gave spectators more chances to cheer riders.

That included Bognar’s family who cheered their dusty rider out of the rest stop with her partner giving her a push off for the next half of her journey.


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