▶️ Retiring owners put Elk Lake Lodge up for sale, ask for $4.56 million


It has been the home of weddings, family gatherings and endless days in the sun.

At the edge of the clear blue water, Elk Lake Lodge has welcomed visitors in summer and winter for nearly 100 years.

“We work seven days a week, 365 days a year and although we love it and are very proud of what we’ve accomplished, it is time now to truly retire,” Wendy Prieve said.

Pat and Wendy Prieve, the owners of the lodge for the last seven years, are ready to pass the torch. They’re putting the resort and marina up for sale for $4.56 million.

“If you are going to buy this place, you’re going to have to go into it with your heart and soul because that’s what the public deserves and that’s what good stewardship looks like,” Wendy said.

Stewardship sometimes comes with the side of difficult conversations with customers.

“It’s unfortunate that you can’t have your s’mores tonight, but there’s a reason why the campfire is no longer allowed,” Wendy said.

The Prieve’s have watched other resorts be destroyed by flames just over the mountains. They count themselves lucky to have only faced close calls.

“Our hearts go out to everybody over there because the threat of wildfire is different than an actual wildfire and as you can see from some of the news footage the devastation there has just been tremendous,” Pat said.

As the sun sets on their time as owners, Pat and Wendy hope they leave behind a legacy of caring for the land, the resort and the people.

“I love how the community is so passionate about this property,” Wendy said. “I mean, Elk Lake Resort is a brand in and of itself.”


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