▶️ Report: Central Oregon Latino community is growing, young & motivated – but stunted



Central Oregon’s Latinx community has grown by 17,000 people since 1990, now making up about 9% of the region’s population.

That number, however, still seems too low for Miguel Herrada.

“I don’t see almost 10% of Latinos in any place,” Herrada said. “I’m almost always the only one in that restaurant or that place, and that’s very concerning for me.”

On Monday, the Latino Community Association released a 55-page report analyzing both the contributions and disparities faced by the Latinx community in Central Oregon.

“Being able to identify the areas where Latinos are struggling helps us create a community where everyone can thrive,” Joanne Mina, volunteer coordinator said.

The report discusses population, income, health, education, and housing.

“Because our folks tend to make around, anywhere between $20-40,000 per year, closer to thirty,” Oscar Gonzalez, program manager said. “Most of their income, over 50% is going strictly for rent.”

According to the report, 20% of those in the Latinx community do not feel completely welcome in Central Oregon.

“That’s one of the downsides,” Denise Holley, research and communications assistant said. “Is sometimes, if not yourself then maybe other Latinos, hearing derogatory comments.”

The Latino Community Association reports that Central Oregon’s Latinx community participates in the workforce at higher rates than white residents.

Yet they earn less on average.

Mina says she hopes this report leads to a community where everyone prospers.

“It’s important to be able to identify data,” Mina said. “What Latinos are doing here in Central Oregon and how we fare.”

You can read the full report below

Latinos in Central Oregon 10-7-20

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