Rep. Cliff Bentz addresses election fraud at Deschutes Co. Fairgrounds meeting


Congressman Cliff Bentz wrapped up his town hall tour at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds Saturday.

In the freshman congressman’s 11th meeting with his constituents, Bentz spoke about his first seven months in Washington D.C. and took questions.

Election integrity was a hot topic, with some attendees claiming the 2020 election was hacked.

“If you have another means of challenging it, these irregularities, you tend to fall out of acceptable practice,” Bentz said. “In other words, anarchy. I’m no supporter of anarchy.

“I’m a supporter of using our laws to accomplish the proper result. And as soon as you give up on our systems, what have you got? If you’re going to challenge the outcome of an election, you have to use a legal system.”

The nation’s top security experts found the fraud claims in the 2020 election were not credible.

Bentz said he had signed on to a letter asking for an investigation and formation of a committee to look into the claims.

He went on to tell the crowd he believes Oregon’s vote-by-mail system is secure.

The congressman plans to hold future town halls in the remaining nine counties of the district by the end of the year.


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