▶️ Inflation means Oregon rent bill to have biggest impact yet in 2023


An Oregon Senate bill that passed in 2019 focusing on rent increases could have impact yet in 2023. And for people on fixed income, it could be particularly difficult.

Oregon Senate Bill 608, also known as the “No Cause Eviction Protection and Rent Cap” bill, states landlords can increase rent by 7% plus inflation. Because of how bad inflation has been, it could add up to a possible 14.6% increase.

“With the rent keep going up, it’s really difficult,” tenant Justin Metzler said.

The cap only applies to apartment complexes 15 years and older. Landlords of complexes newer than that can raise rent as much as they want.

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“This is the year, 2023, that we’re seeing the higher rent cap because of the inflation,” Molly Heiss with NeighborImpact said. “Senate Bill 608 enacted a 7% plus the west coast consumer price index as the maximum cap rent increases across the state.”

In simpler terms, if you’re paying $1,000 a month for rent, you multiply that by 0.146, you could see a $146 increase to your monthly bill. 

Heiss says her biggest concern is for people on fixed income.

“They make about $733, $788, maybe $812. Their ideal rent to not be overburdened is $252 per month,” Heiss said.

Heiss says if something doesn’t feel right when it comes your rent, reach out to Legal Aid Services of Oregon.


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