▶️ ‘Tragic’: Redmond food cart owners face 2nd business fire of the year


The Westside Taco Co. food cart at The Vault in Redmond caught fire Sunday night. This is the second time the owners have had to deal with a fire this year.

“The only think we can control at this point is the way that we feel and the way that we act,” said Westside Taco Co. co-owner Amber Amos. “So we’re going to be as positive and determined as we can. It’s one more hurdle, you know, and that’s what we can control.”

The damage to the cart is irreparable. A Gofundme has been created to help the couple during the re-building of their business. 

Redmond Fire and Rescue says the cause is “undetermined” and the investigation is over.

As for the effect of the fire?

“We’re doing everything from scratch. There’s a lot of hurdles to overcome in doing that,” said Aaron Notarianni, co-owner.

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Amos and Notarianni say they don’t know what happened. The night of the fire, two employees closed up. 

“There’s a huge checklist that they go through every night. They sign off on it,” said Amos. “They did everything they do every night.”

A few months ago, at their previously owned restaurant, another fire broke out while the two were out of the state.

This one was less devastating, but still had an impact.

“It was very, very tragic,” said Amos.

The fire department tells us the first incident was a grease fire.

Now, after a second blaze, was this an accident?

“We worked really hard to build these places, and the last thing we need to do is sabotage them. Was it somebody else? God, it would be really, really disappointing to find that out. I hope not,” said Amos.

Accidental or not, the couple is in good hands in Redmond.

“God are we grateful for this community. Jeez. It’s such a great community,” said Amos. 

The pair do plan on re-building their food truck and re-opening. 


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