▶️ Buffalo, Uvalde candlelight vigil held at Centennial Park in Redmond


At Centennial Park in Redmond around 40 people attended a candlelight vigil Thursday night for the victims in the shootings at Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas

Signs were brought, others held candles and listened to those who wanted to speak.

Buffalo shooter targeted Black neighborhood, officials say

Josie Stanfield with the Central Oregon Diversity Project says the vigil was to honor those involved in the shootings.

“We need to get a handle on gun violence and white supremacy in this country,” Stanfield said. “They are the two biggest threats right now to the American people and particularly to people of color.”

Before the vigil, Theil Larson with Lift Every Voice Oregon, a faith based organization worried about gun safety, says she was in Bend searching for signatures.

Larson and others are pushing for background checks and the banning of ammunition magazines over 10 rounds.

19 children killed in Texas elementary school shooting

“I am hoping people do this so we can vote on it in November and make some difference in this state and if not the country,” said Larson.

The group needs 140,000 signatures by July for Act IP #17 to be put on the ballot

“I hope that we will think and act in a way that’s compassionate because we are losing to many young people, to many people that are innocent,” said Larson.


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