▶️ Ring camera catches Redmond trick-or-treaters refilling empty candy bowl


When they came back home from trick-or-treating, Redmond homeowner Jennifer Wyckoff and her daughter Layla Glover decided to watch their Ring video footage to see all of the costumes that came to their door.

What they found was unexpected. Some of the kids were doing the opposite of taking candy.

“On our camera, I saw them come up to the house, there was no candy there. They said ‘Oh, let’s donate some to the bowl.’ There was some other kids walking up and they told them ‘Hey, come give some candy to this bowl, there’s none left,'” Glover said.

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Three teenage girls from Redmond, dressed as bald business men, found an empty candy bowl. Pinned under it was a note that read “Sorry we missed you! Be kind and only take a few pieces. We know it’s tempting to want more but leaving some for others is appreciated.”

The trio immediately took action, taking pieces of candy from their bags and donating into the bowl, replenishing it. 

“We see the teenagers running around especially later at night taking the candy, and then all of the little kids who still want more candy when there’s none left in the bowl, it just makes you want to give more,” said Samantha Sale, one of the girls who donated some of her candy.

The candy donations didn’t end there.

Trick-or-treaters who witnessed the three girls donate began to also give away their own stash. That started a chain of candy donations. 

“It feels really good. It’s really nice knowing that other people would want to do nice things and it’s not just us,” Isabella Oris said.

The trio hopes they made someone else’s Halloween taste a bit sweeter.

“Me getting three pieces of candy isn’t going to do anything for me, but it might do something for somebody else who didn’t get a lot of candy. And if they’re little and they get candy, it’s gonna be a bigger deal to them than it would be to me,” Eden Anspach said.

A great way to start spreading the holiday spirit.


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