Redmond Schools to declare ‘pest emergency’ to rid campuses of rock chucks


Redmond schools are again dealing with a rock chuck infestation – this time at three different campuses.

The school board is prepared to declare a “pest emergency” Wednesday, authorizing an extermination process for Redmond and Ridgeview high schools and Hugh Hartman Elementary.

Jeff Hawthorne, the district’s safety and environmental compliance specialist said the yellow-bellied marmots don’t bother students, but they burrow into the ground and cause other problems.

“They’re creating holes, which can create trip and fall hazards,” he said. “But, they’re also just leaving feces all over our playing fields and our play structures, and that’s just not a safe situation for our kids at schools.”

The district had a similar problem at Hartman last summer.

But Hawthorne says attempts to get rid of the rock chucks came too late in the season to be fully effective.



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