Redmond Teen Reportedly Being Held in Malaysia

A Redmond man is trying to get his daughter back to Oregon after she wasn’t allowed to board her flight home from Malaysia on Monday and is reportedly being held at the airport there.

Aaron Henry said his daughter, 18-year-old Samantha Henry, along with her travel companion, Will Lucas, have been detained at the airport in Kuala Lampur after they did not receive a stamp in their passports from border officials.

Henry said he’s heard from his daughter and the pair are being held in small, separate cells.

He said a Redmond Police officer ultimately led them to the information that Samantha and Will were being held.

The family has also reached to everyone from the U.S. Embassy to the FBI to Congressman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) for help.

Henry said Samantha told him they could be detained for up to 14 days before seeing a judge.

They hope to have more information after the U.S. Embassy meets with Samantha and Will in the morning, Kuala Lampur time.



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