Redmond SD releases sample schedules for new online learning efforts


Redmond elementary school teachers this fall will conduct live online lessons as part of a full-day of instruction that includes independent work, PE and recess, according to a preliminary schedule unveiled Friday.

Students will start the day with live interactions with their teacher and classmates before a core “mini-lesson” from the teacher online.

After some independent learning time – based on clear instructions from the teacher that could include assignments – some physical activity and lunch, students will reconvene for another live lesson online.

The independent instruction time could also be used for teachers and specialists to schedule live small group instruction.

The live lessons will be recorded so students and parents can access them at a later time if necessary.

That’s all part of a possible, generic schedule the district released by Superintendent Charan Cline to show parents and kids what a typical day could look like this fall.



Cline also shared sample schedules for middle and high school students.

“When students begin school on September 10th in Comprehensive Distance Learning, they will be assigned a teacher(s) from your child’s school,” Cline wrote to parents. “Students who are in Comprehensive Distance Learning will be able to transition to hybrid or full time on-site when Deschutes County metrics are met. Students who are enrolled in our Full-Time Online option will be taught by Redmond School District teachers, but not necessarily by one from their home school.”

Students will have access to their classes through a new digital platform called Canvas, Cline said.

Redmond teachers will provide instruction using Florida Virtual Global course content.

Elementary teachers will schedule a meeting with each family to take place on September 10-11 (virtual or in-person depending on preference).

The purpose of these meetings will be to establish connections, discuss the start of the school year and how students will access their weekly plans and digital learning tools.

Middle and High School principals will be reaching out to families within the coming weeks with back to school information including open house nights, schedules and 6th and 9th grade student orientation.

What do the lessons look like in Florida Virtual Global?

You can view sample Florida Virtual Global lessons for elementary, middle and high school students below. Redmond School District teachers will have the ability to customize these lessons for students.

Elementary Sample Lessons

Middle School Sample Lesson

High School Sample Lesson



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