▶️ Redmond SD commits to inclusivity through new task force



The Redmond School District is working to provide a more inclusive environment for students.

On Tuesday the district announced they are creating a District Equity Task Force to address systematic barriers students may face.

The group’s work will focus on

– Adopting an Equity Lens for the Redmond School District;
– Identifying policies and practices that contribute both to the achievement gap between students who endure inequities and the rest of the student population and to the achievement of those students;
– Recommending district wide training of Redmond school district personnel to combat issues of explicit and implicit racism, as well as recommending practices to diversify the school district workforce and monitoring the implementation of those practices;
– Creating or recommending projects and activities that build collective community among the diverse members of the community of Redmond.

The task force will consist of about 16 people.

Including Redmond School District administrators, licensed staff, classified staff, students, parents/guardians, Redmond community members, and a member of the Redmond School District Board.

Members will serve a one-year term for the duration of the school year, with their first meeting planned for late September.

The deadline to apply for a spot on the Task Force is September 14.



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