Redmond Schools will release plans for in-person return Jan. 8


The Redmond School District will release details regarding when students can return to in-person learning on Jan. 8, according to a letter sent by Redmond Superintendent Charan Cline to families on Thursday. Redmond Schools will continue distance learning when winter break is over on Jan. 4.

The letter follows last week’s announcement from Gov. Kate Brown, who gave school districts the power to decide when students could return to in-person instruction. Brown called for most students to return to the classroom by February 15.

Redmond School District leaders will meet with principals, teachers, staff and officials from the Deschutes County Health Department next week to solidify a timeline for students return to the classroom.

“Just because the state has changed school requirements, that doesn’t mean the pandemic has ended,” Cline said in his letter. “It means that officials have weighed the risks of the virus with the very real challenges kids face in distance learning and determined that students need to be in school with safeguards in place.”

On Monday, Cline told Central Oregon Daily how soon they’ll be able to reopen schools depends on how much help they get from the Oregon Health Authority.

Cline said younger students will likely be the first back in the classroom.

“Probably 1,600…2,000 students will come in for a couple hours a day, as soon as we’re able to get things restarted we’ll look at doing that,” Cline said on Monday. “Probably with K-3 first and then we’ll work our way into the upper grades as time goes on.”

When Redmond students finally do return to the classroom, it won’t look like a typical school year. Students will have to wear masks, social distance and learn in cohorts, Cline said.



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