Redmond School District students will return to in-person learning Feb. 2


Redmond School District students will start attending classes in person using a hybrid model the week of Feb. 2., according to Superintendent Charan Cline.

All students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade will start in a hybrid model, then move to full in-person learning for the entire week from Feb. 8 onward.

Grades 6th through 12th grade will continue learning in a hybrid model and be on-site two days each week from Feb. 2 onward.

A hybrid model means students will attend school on-site two days a week and learn from home three days a week. Half of the students attend school on-site Monday and Thursday and the other half attend school on-site Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesdays, all students learn from home.

Students will have to wear mask and practice social distancing, and the school will assign kids a cohort and attendance days.

Students will move through the school while staying in a cohort to limit the number of people a student interacts with, Cline said.

Students who ride the bus have to wear a face covering for the entire bus ride, and seating charts will be used on the bus.

Pre-packaged breakfasts and lunches will be provided to students at no charge, although it will be sometime before students are able to gather in the cafeteria, Cline said.

Parents have the option to chose a full-time online option or an on-site learning option for their students. Families can indicate their choice by completing a survey available on the RSD website.

Cline’s full letter to parents is available here.


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