▶️ Redmond School District gives sneak peek into a return to the classroom



Social distancing, strict personal hygiene, teachers and staff behind masks.

Parents and students can expect some big changes if they return for in-person learning at Redmond area schools in the fall.

The school district will be releasing a series of videos to help parents and students better understand school rules and regulations.

“We have a video on handwashing, how to walk down the hallways is another, and then also a message to parents on when to keep their kids home from school,” Superintendent Charan Cline said.

Cline says that though they expect about 90 percent of students to return for in-person classes in the fall, students also have the option of continuing online learning.

“It’s going to look quite a bit different than it did in the Springtime,” said Cline. “It’ll be more robust, more comprehensive.”

Secondary schools will operate slightly differently from elementary schools, with half of the student body coming in one day and the other coming in on another day.

“At our elementary schools, K-5, we’re going to try and have our students with us every day,” Cline said.

Cline says there will be around 24 students per classroom with an overflow area provided for digital learning.

Though plans could change before they are submitted next month, the focus remains on how to provide safe, in-person learning.

“We are so excited to have our kids back,” said Cline. “We want them back in our classrooms, and we’re hopeful we’re going to get as many kids back in the classroom as possible.”

The school district plans to hear more from the Department of Education tomorrow for more guidance for the fall.


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