▶️ Redmond School District cancels 3 bus routes as drivers call in sick


Students and families had to scramble in Redmond Monday when three bus routes were canceled due to bus drivers calling in sick.

Redmond School District bus routes numbers 12, 17 and 18 were canceled Monday.

That left about 140 students at Obsidian Middle School, Ridgeview High School, Sage and Hugh Hartman elementary school students scrambling to find other ways to get to school.

“Parents were notified via auto dial, texts and emails in English and Spanish to all effected schools by about 8:30 Sunday night,” said Sheila Miller, Public Information Officer, Redmond School District. “We sent more messages around 5:30 this morning about the third route canceled this morning.”

Updates posted to Facebook and Instagram didn’t get through due to blackouts on those social media platforms.

The Redmond School District is already down 14 drivers due to hiring difficulties, forcing consolidation of routes and longer rides for some students.

When seven bus drivers called in sick Sunday night and Monday morning, difficult decisions were made to cancel additional routes.

“We asked families to find alternative transportation today. We are hopeful we’ll be able to run transportation normally tomorrow,” Miller said.

“If this were to be something we have to do long term, we are looking into and considering compensating families for the additional costs they incur for having to get their kids to school. For now we are asking them to do the best they can. If they couldn’t get to school because the busses didn’t run, that’s an excused absence.”

Miller said if drivers who called in sick are protesting the governor’s vaccine and mask mandates, their actions are hurting local students and families.



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