Planned Redmond road closures and delays update: July 17-30



  • Monday, July 18 thru Thursday, July 21, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – Liquid Roads™ application for the City’s 2022 Seal Coat Project.  Expect delays and temporary road closures during road work. 

Monday, July 18

    • SW 37th Ct from SW Volcano Pl 
    • SW Volcano Ct from SW 36th Ct 
    • SW 35th Ct from SW Wickiup Ave
    • SW Wickiup Ct from SW 36th St 
    • SW Yew Ct from SW 34th St 

Tuesday, July 19

    • SW 32nd Ct from SW Quartz Pl 
    • SW 30th Ct from SW Reindeer Ave 
    • SW Reindeer Ct from SW 28th St 
    • SW Umatilla Ct from SW 26th St 
    • SW 27th Ct from SW Volcano Ave 

Wednesday, July 20

    • SW 26th Ct from SW Indian Ave 
    • SW 24th Ct from SW Indian Ave 
    • SW 22nd Pl from SW Obsidian Ave 
    • SW Crest Ct from SW 25th St
    • SW 36th Ct from SW Salmon Ave

Thursday, July 21

    • SW 32nd Ct from SW Forest Ave
    • NW Maple Ct from NW 22nd St
    • NE Spruce Ct from NE 5th St
    • NE 3rd St from NE Redwood Ave
    • NE Redwood Ct from NE 8th Ln 
  • NW Cedar Ave from NW 35th St to NW 33rd St – Road closed Thursday, July 21 thru Wednesday, August 10. NW Cedar Ave will be closed by Mac West Construction, LLC, for sewer line installation. Please use detours or alternate routes.  Local access will be provided.


  • NW 6th St/NW Canal Blvd from NW Jackpine Ave to NE King Way – Intermittent lane closures for chip seal operations thru Friday, July 29. 


  • ADA Street Improvement projects and curb ramp enhancements will be occurring at local intersections; activities may temporarily disrupt lanes and intersections. 
  • Asphalt patching operations will be commencing throughout the City; activities may temporarily disrupt lanes and intersections.

NOTE – During street maintenance operations, closure durations and disruptions are determined by progress of the operation and weather conditions.


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