▶️ Redmond Police Remove Elton Gregory Middle Schooler Found on Campus With Knife

Redmond Police officers Wednesday removed a male student from Elton Gregory Middle School after he was found using a knife to carve into a wall and bench.

The incident happened about 10:35 a.m. and per the district’s safety policy procedures, the school was put on lockdown for about 15 minutes while officers arrived at the scene to investigate.

“I was in language arts and nobody knew anything about what was happening.” 6th-grader Mackenzie Reed said. “At first it was just like a hold in class, like we just couldn’t go out of class, it was nothing big. And then we went into lockdown.”

Cameron Osborne, a 6th-grader at the school, said she was in math class when it happened.

“Then reported that it wasn’t a drill, so everybody kinda got real scared,” she said.

Scott Bernard, the parent of a 6th-grader said he first got a text from the school, then a phone call. Then his wife got the same thing. 

“And I don’t know it’s just, you hear the headlines and you always have that little bit of panic,” he said. “We felt pretty good about the way it was handled and the Redmond police were right here and on it with the cooperation of the school. We didn’t panic but obviously there’s always that concern in the back of your mind. Thought we’d pick her up from school just to make sure, give her an opportunity to talk about it. This is her first and our first incident like this so it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say.”

Lt. Curtis Chambers said the student was taken to St. Charles Medical Center – Redmond for evaluation. Any criminal charges are pending the results of a medical evaluation, Chambers said.

Chambers and Redmond Police did not release any other information and were not available to comment. Redmond School District officials also were not available for comment.

The Redmond School District sent an email to parents saying a lockdown occurs when a threat happens inside of the school facility.

“When this happens our school and classroom doors lock, lights are turned off and students are asked to remain quiet while the threat is addressed by law enforcement. We train on a regular basis with students and staff using the I Love U Guys Foundation Standard Response Protocol.”

Several parents on our Facebook page expressed some frustration in the timing of the alerts from the district.

But late Wednesday, District Spokeswoman Kelly Jenkins released a statement.

“During emergencies the district’s first priority is securing the safety of our students and staff members. It is our goal to communicate the correct information to families, parents and students as soon as it is safe to do so,” she said. “We are thankful for the quick response of our staff and for our partners at Redmond Police Department to ensure that students were safe in today’s event.”


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