▶️ Redmond PD on enforcing mask mandate; compliance through education



The Redmond Police Department is promoting “compliance through education” during Oregon’s two-week freeze.

This pertains to all aspects of Gov. Kate Brown’s executive order, including wearing a face mask.

Brandon Weimer, owner of Herringbone Bookstore in Redmond, says he’s had hardly any customers refuse to wear a mask in his store.

“Very small,” Weimer said. “I could probably count on one hand how many incidents I’ve had. Sometimes they more or less just forget and we just provide one for them, so it’s good.”

During those few times Weimer did have to confront a customer, he says it went okay.

“A lot of times when I’m explaining to people it’s just hey, this is a private business, it’s in my guidelines and different things,” Weimer said. “Most people completely understand. Like I said, I’ve never had really any incidents where someone has walked off, gotten rowdy, or yelled.”

In a press release Tuesday, Redmond Police said they will “continue to follow an education approach first” and that they will only take action, such as a criminal citation, as a “last resort.”

There is a statewide hotline to report people violating the mask rule.

Redmond Police recommend reporting violations to Oregon OSHA for businesses or workplaces, and either OSHA or the OLCC for violations at restaurants and bars.

Weimer says just in the interest of being a good neighbor, he hopes that customers of any business do their part by wearing a mask.

“Let’s try and end 2020 on a good year by abiding by that so businesses can stay open, and restaurants can reopen for the holidays,” Weimer said. “It’s the right thing to do.”


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