▶️ Redmond PD investigating “Swatting” calls originating in Florida; 3rd one since August


Police dispatchers take every call seriously knowing that someone’s life could be on the line.

“The more that they ask questions and get details, the better we are once we arrive,” said Redmond Police Lt. Curtis Chambers.

But sometimes, the calls are fake, with more serious incidents called “swatting.”

“Swatting is the term that’s been assigned or given to false calls for service or false law enforcement related calls, which tend to elicit a significant law enforcement response,” Chambers said.

Thursday night, Redmond Police responded to a reported shooting on northwest 22nd Street.

It turned out to be a swatting incident and police believe the call came from Florida – the third one in five months at the same residence.

“Once law enforcement arrived on scene, we took a measured response, investigated, contacted those who living inside, confirmed that nothing was wrong, and that they had been a victim of a swatting call,” Chambers said. 

Investigators have identified a juvenile suspect, but no arrests have been made.

According to Redmond PD, swatting takes away valuable law enforcement resources that could be used elsewhere.

That’s why dispatch does their best to identify swatting early on.

“Our dispatchers that we work very closely with are highly trained, and they do an outstanding job of developing information and getting information out to law enforcement or even firefighters to help us when we get on scene,” Chambers said. “So we have a better understanding of what’s going on.”


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