▶️ Slight majority votes ‘yes’ for Redmond Rec Center; ‘no’ to fund operations


By a slim margin, it looks like the City of Redmond will be getting a new recreation center. But the operating levy determining funding for the facility after it is built is not expected to pass.

The construction bond ‘yes’ votes are leading the ‘no’ votes 51% – 49%.

“The big ticket item was the rec center and still is the rec center: the $50 million construction bond,” said Matthew Gilman, a member of the Redmond Area Park and recreation District’s Board of Directors. “So that will be happening. We’re going to move forward with building the building.”

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The levy, which would have funded the facility for five years, is being led by the ‘no’ votes against it: 60% of voters filling the ‘no’ bubble.

“We know that we need it. We decided as a board that we wanted to have it on the ballot, but it was not our main campaigning item. So we’re ok with where we’re at right now,” said Gilman.

He went on to explain that the center will not need the levy until it actually opens.

“I imagine we will probably ask for the levy in a future election,” said Gilman.

Here was our previous story previewing the vote.


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