▶️ Flag City USA: Redmond puts up 1,600 flags this Independence Day


Walk through or drive by Redmond during a holiday like Independence Day and you’ll see hundreds of flags.

“We’re the largest flag display in the United States,” said Redmond Downtown Flag Committee Director Jeff Casserly.

A town filled with stars and stripes.

“We put out approximately 1.600 full-size American flags,” Casserly said. “They were all flown over U.S. Capital. They all have a name embroidered on them to memorialize someone.”

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The first display of flags was on July 4, 1991. In 1999 Oregon Congressman Gregg Walden commended the citizens for a strong community spirit and patriotism, naming Redmond, Oregon Flag City USA.

“More than anything, it’s pride in the country and pride in ourselves,” Casserly said. “It’s not about left or right politics. It has nothing to do with politics. It is about America. That flag with those 50 stars represents the 50 states, and we are all part of that.”

Casserly says they start putting the flags up at 6 a.m. and take them down around 4 p.m.
All by volunteers.

“It takes our dedicated drivers for each trailer, plus it takes about 3-to-4 individuals to walk and roll up flags,” Casserly said. “So that is four times eight is 40 individuals plus our drivers. Almost 50 people every time we do this, and the more we get, the quicker it takes.”

Casserly says the city puts up all 1,600 flags six times a year.




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