▶️ City of Redmond says farewell to departing Redmond mayor, councilors


The City of Redmond celebrated the service of three elected officials Wednesday night as they step away from their roles.

“This is really the last event we’re going to have, myself as mayor and my spouse as a city councilor,” said outgoing Redmond Mayor George Endicott.

Endicott served as a city councilor for three years before holding the position of mayor for fourteen years.

“For my 10-16 years there have been so many things that have happened to Redmond,” said Endicott. “We’ve gone from 25,000 to 37,000. That’s almost a 50% growth in our city. All the while keeping Redmond, Redmond.”

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Krisanna Clark-Endicott served four years on city council after serving as mayor for the city of Sherwood. She says she found her passion for serving, remembering when a father called her after doing a program for the Girl Scouts.

“He said, Mayor Clark, I really appreciate you doing that because my daughter came home, and she said to me that I didn’t know a woman could be mayor, and I might want to be mayor someday, and that kind of thing really came to my heart,” said Clark-Endicott.

Jay Patrick has been a council member since 1999.

“I am really thankful,” Patrick said. “The people that kept me on voted me in for 24 years, and we did the best we could. All of us did, and I think the city has grown wisely.”

While Endicott says the new city council and mayor have a lot of work to do, including working on the airport expansion and new public safety facility, Patrick gave some advice to those just starting.

“Read your material,” he said. “Take a deep breath and understand what you are reading and if you don’t understand, ask questions because the staff, we have a great staff in the city of Redmond.”

Toward the end of the event, speeches were given, and a few gifts were handed out, celebrating the service of these three dedicated public servants and the staff who have been with them throughout the years.

The Endicotts plan on getting a fifth wheel and travel the country during retirement.

Patrick says he will relax, hit the golf course, and be more involved in his church.


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