▶️ Redmond mayor candidates: 1-on-1 on the issues


As November 8 approaches, the last day to turn in your ballot, four candidates are ready to take on the top job at Redmond City Hall: Mayor.

Central Oregon Daily News sat down with three of the candidates to get to know them and their policy better.

Ed Fitch and Jay Patrick are current Redmond City councilors, and Ben Schimmoller is a former legislative director for state senator Tim Knopp.

The fourth candidate, Charles Baer, did not respond to our requests for an interview.

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These are some of the questions and full responses from the interviews:

Why are the candidates running for mayor?

What will the candidates do on their first day in office?

How will the candidates handle Redmond’s growth and housing affordability?

What is their position on the Safe Parking Program, and what will the program look like with them as mayor?


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