▶️ Patrick, Schimmoller face-off in Redmond mayoral debate


Two candidates for mayor of Redmond squared off in a debate Thursday night.

Jay Patrick and Ben Schimmoller went head-to-head.

“I’m not done fighting for Central Oregon,” said Ben Schimmoller. “I’m not done fighting for Oregon and if you elect me for mayor I will keep fighting everyday for years to come.”

“I’m not in it for a title,” said Patrick. “I’m not in it for anything but serving the people”

More than 100 people were eager to learn about each candidate and their policies.

Several questions centered on the city of Redmond’s biggest challenges.

“In Redmond, housing is just way too expensive,” said Patrick. “We have families here that can’t stay here because they can’t afford to live here.”

Other questions were about the candidates’ top priorities.

“To keep Redmond growing sustainable without compromising our core values that keep Redmond, Redmond and never letting Redmond into just another Bend,” said Schimmoller.
Stances on mental health and rehab centers were also asked.

“(County Commissioner) Patti Adair has been wanting to get more mental institutions in Central Oregon,” said Patrick. “We don’t have enough.”

The homeless crisis was also a topic of discussion.

“We need to figure out a better short-term solution until the state gets measure 110 because that has been a disaster.” said Schimmoller.

More than 20 questions were asked of the 24 year city council veteran Jay Patrick and the 29-year-old with experience working State Senator Tim Knopp, Ben Schimmoller before closing statements.

“I really hope they see my sincerity, they feel my honesty and see my transparency,” said Patrick.”

“I want them to feel like there is someone who is always going to stand for the same values they feel like, while still looking forward to tomorrow and being ready for it,” said Schimmoller.

After the debate, attendees were given a bead and were encouraged to place it in a jar with the name of the candidate they feel would be the best mayor for Redmond.

The two other Redmond mayoral candidates are Charles Baer and Ed Fitch. They were not invited to the debate, as this was between two candidates considered the conservatives.


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