Redmond man jailed after detonating bomb; police, OSP bomb squad investigating


Redmond Police and the Oregon State Bomb Squad are searching the home of a Redmond man after he set off a bomb in front of a car at an intersection early Thursday morning.

Residents in the 3300 block of SW Juniper Ave. were initially asked to shelter in place during the investigation, according to police.

More explosive devices could be at the home, according to Lt. Curtis Chambers.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Andrew McLaughlin has been jailed on multiple charges including unlawful possession of a destructive device, unlawful manufacture of a destructive device and unlawful use of a weapon.

Chambers said patrol officers heard a loud explosion on the west side of town early Thursday.

Officers found a man with a fire starter and black soot on him and his clothing near the intersection of SW Highland Avenue and SW 35th Street.

The investigation showed McLaughlin had detonated a homemade bomb at the intersection in front of an oncoming vehicle and near the Bonneville Power Station.

Chambers said additional information revealed the presence of additional destructive devices at McClaughlin’s house on Juniper.

As of noon on Thursday, police and the bomb squad were searching the home.

This is a developing story.




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