Redmond man charged with harassment after alleged incident with Trump supporter


A Redmond man has been charged with harassment for allegedly shoving another man and challenging him to a fight over his support for President Trump.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced the charges Monday, saying “everyone needs to exhale.”

“Tensions are spun up tighter than a drum right now and it’s starting to play out on our streets,” he said. “Preach, protest, advocate, cajole, criticize: I’ll fight for your right to do so. Commit a crime during your advocacy and I won’t hesitate to charge you with a crime.”

Hummel said the incident happened at the Redmond Fred Meyer on July 17th when 59-year-old Dobbs Pressley was gassing up his car, which was adorned with numerous stickers and placards supporting Trump.

Two young women started yelling at him, disagreeing with his political beliefs, Hummel said.

Daniel Kaough, 51, a Fred Meyer employee, intervened and shoved Pressley and challenged him to a fight, Hummel said.

The physical contact stopped and Redmond Police responded and de-escalated the situation.

Police issued a citation to Kaough, charging him with harassment and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle.

Hummel reviewed the incident and on Monday charged Kaough with one count of harassment.

He’s scheduled to be arraigned on August 28th.


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