Redmond man arrested after stripping down in grocery store, lying in middle of street

A Redmond man was arrested Tuesday night after stripping down to his underwear inside Fred Meyer, speaking gibberish and scaring customers, then lying in the middle of an intersection outside, according to police.

Redmond Police Lt. Curtis Chambers said callers to 911 said that the man had stripped and was running around inside the Fred Meyer store and parking lot. Witnesses said the man was making large animated movements with his hands, scaring a significant number of people, Chambers said.

Officers responded and found the man, identified as 37-year-old George Ryan Gove, lying in the road on SW Highland Ave and SW 5th Street.

Chambers said Gove was lying face down in the street, making strange movements and blocking the flow of traffic.  He was arrested at the scene and taken to St. Charles Redmond.

In order to safely secure Gove, officers placed him in the WRAP restraint device, Chambers said. The WRAP is intended to reduce the mobility of people in custody for their own protection and to aid in transporting the resisting person.

Gove was ultimately released to the care of hospital staff after he was issued a citation to appear in court for the crimes of second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass.

Redmond Police added “Drug use and abuse remain a societal problem.  Treatment services are available for those individuals and families who are struggling with drug use and addiction.  There are a number of local resources available in Central Oregon that can assist in drug and alcohol addiction.  More information can be located on the State and County health department websites, or by speaking to your medical provider or health insurance company.”

Image courtesy Redmond Police Department


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