▶️ Break-ins shake SW Redmond neighborhood; Prowler spotted on Ring camera


A string of break-ins has shaken a neighborhood in Indian Circle in southwest Redmond. One resident says she was asleep in her home when an intruder entered her house.

“I kept a really cool head about it for the first few days, but everybody was like ‘aren’t you scared? Aren’t you freaking out?’ and then I started to freak out. It was really unsettling. You just feel so violated,” said the resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

Neighbors say the incidents began last month, and the suspect some are calling “The Prowler” is still active.

“After the second night of attempts, that’s when the HOA lets us know But, of course, everybody in the neighborhood already knew,” the woman said.

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The neighborhood has since created a neighborhood watch, but that hasn’t seemed to deter the suspect.

“Cameras everywhere now. I don’t know of any house that doesn’t have a camera up right now. I think it was about a week ago there was sighting on a camera again, kitty corner to me,” the woman said.

She says the suspect didn’t take anything, but did smash her in-home security camera that wasn’t on at the time.

The woman says she’s surprised the intruder didn’t take more expensive items. When she filed a police report, she he says police determined this person was looking for something specific. She says they did not elaborate further.

Lt. Jesse Petersen with Redmond Police Department says they did take two burglary calls from the area in May. Both are still ongoing investigations.

RPD also received calls from neighbors regarding these burglaries and suspicious activity in the area.


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