▶️ Redmond illegal fireworks penalty jumps to $500 Jan. 1


Redmond is cracking down on what many would consider a holiday tradition.

“We’re just trying to do it as a deterrent to stop people from doing illegal fireworks,” said Mayor George Endicott.

On November 26th, Redmond City Council approved an ordinance updating its 1998 fireworks code.

On January 1st it goes into effect, the moment New Years hits.

“I haven’t talked to the police about it, but they would be certainly within the law if they went ahead and did it at 12:01,” said Mayor George Endicott. “My suspicion is they’re going to be out, so be careful.”

The new ordinance increases the fine from $100 to $500 – up to $2,500 and six months in jail for repeat offenders.

And it’s not just lighting the illegal fireworks that will get you in trouble. Just having them is enough to draw the fine.

Redmond Police average about 136 fireworks-related calls each year. And most of them end up involve the use and possession of illegal fireworks.

Endicott said it’s important for people to remember illegal fireworks can be a big problem all year long.

“It’s very dry here. You know in the summer we run 11% humidity and when you’re looking at fireworks going off, and they land in dry grass, as I said they set houses on fire one time, and it’s just a very dangerous activity for this area because of the dryness and the arid climate that we have,” he said. 



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