▶️ Volunteers assist campers on Redmond-Powell Butte Road


China Hat Road in Bend is where many unhoused people go to camp. There’s a similar road in Redmond and a few organizations go out there every week to provide resources.

Every Friday, the volunteer-based group Jericho Road, Mosaic Medical and a shower truck visit East Antler Road where it meets Redmond-Powell Butte Road. 

“We’ve been doing this for a long time. We see a lot of the same people, and I think it’s just really important that we’re here for the friendship and the connection,” said Mark Keener, co-chair of Jericho Road. 

Keener told us he estimates hundreds of people live in the area.

“Probably 300-500 people that live out here,” Keener said.

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A Redmond-Powell Butte Road woman who said the group makes her life possible. 

“You know, I’m not sure what I would do without these guys here. They kind of fill in the void,” said Jessica Starrimler.

The Jericho Road volunteers hand out warm burritos, food, water, clothing, dog food, propane, heaters and coffee.

“It’s how we survive,” said Starrimler.

Mosaic Medical also sends their mobile medical bus out to give check-ups and a shower truck is available for anyone to use.

“It’s nice to have these guys come out here and listen to our needs and care about what’s important to us because we’re people too,” said Starrimler.

Even in the cold and rain, people were laughing, smiling, playing fetch with the dogs and talking about their lives. 

While it is not the ideal situation, people told us how grateful they are for the support and company.

If you want to donate to Jericho Road, you can do so here.


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