▶️ Retired Redmond music teacher finds hobby in homemade holiday lights display


What started as a one-person band turned into a holiday ensemble.

“First is just get an idea what type of animation would I like,” said David Sime of Redmond. “What type of instrument? If it’s an instrument, what type of other display?”

Sime worked as a music teacher in the Redmond School District for 30 years. When it came to picking a retirement hobby, it wasn’t golf or fishing.

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Instead, he makes metal Christmas display lights.

“I get some three, six-inch wire and I just put it down and bending and cutting and make the shapes from there,” Sime said. “It’s just, you know, weld them together and make them make the whole display.”

Sime was inspired by the lights display at Eagle Crest. Sime’s display has a strong musical theme.

Displays can take anywhere from days to weeks to create. From singing reindeer to dancing elves, Sime has no plans on pumping the brakes.

“I just like making them,” Simes said. “It brings me joy and I just hope that some of that other joy, I get spread to other people.”

You can see the display on SW Reservoir Drive in Redmond.


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