▶️ Redmond High School celebrates wrestling champions


The Redmond High Panthers held an assembly Tuesday morning to celebrate their wrestling team, who took the state 5A title at this year’s tournament. 

This is the team’s second state wrestling team trophy ever. Their first was when they took fourth place last year.

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“It feels great you know. I’ve been wrestling since I was five years old and it just means the world to me. I’ve put in so much time for this sport and to get something out of it like this, it’s something special,” said joseph Downing, a junior.

“Feels crazy. I didn’t think we could do it. And our team just performed amazing,” said Ryder Lee, a sophomore. 

The win wasn’t the only highlight of the state tournament, however. 

Mackenzie Sharon became the school’s first female wrestler to win an individual state title.


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