▶️ Extra police at Redmond HS prompted by Snapchat post 2,300 miles away


Extra law enforcement converged on Redmond High School Monday due to a social media scare on the other side of the country.

A Snapchat was posted by a student in Virginia with a message “Don’t come to school tomorrow if you go to RHS.”

As it circulated, students in Redmond brought it to the attention of law enforcement thinking the “RHS stood for Redmond High School.

Law enforcement later determined the original post was meant for a school in Fredricksburg, Virginia, with the same initials.

But out of caution and due to current events, the school district had Redmond Police boost security to give parents and students more peace of mind.

On further investigation by law enforcement in Fredricksburg, the student who made the original post was identified and the whole post was a prank.


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