▶️ Redmond firework stands struggling; Bend ban suspected


With the Fourth of July coming up, the fireworks ban in the City of Bend is being felt in other parts of Deschutes County. Firework stand operators in Redmond report lower-than-expected sales.

The ban in Bend was put in place in 2021 effectively outlawing the sale and use of fireworks. The exception is large scale firework displays with a permit. 

Sales have not gone as planned this year for Redmond firework stands. Operators suspect the Bend ban may have something to do with it.

“We thought with this being a fully traditional Fourth of July style, we were going to have more business, but it’s been a pretty slow first week,” said Austin Hogue, manager of a TNT firework tent near the Redmond Walmart.

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Hogue is also the president of Central Oregon Stampede Youth Baseball. He is managing the firework stand to raise money for the baseball program he runs, but so far, sales have been lower than he expected. 

Under Bend municipal codes, the city reserves the right to confiscate, destroy or remove all fireworks in violation of the ban. The city code also says defying the ban is a Class A Infraction, meaning those caught lighting fireworks could face a fine of up to $750. 


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