▶️ Redmond Fire gets pet oxygen mask donation to help save furry friends


It’s been called the silent killer: smoke inhalation. And it’s not exclusive to humans in the case of a fire. Pets can be just as affected.

To combat inhaled smoke by animals, fire departments use oxygen and masks when available. And the availability of masks for Redmond Fire and Rescue increased from one kit to four kits Monday, thanks to a donation from Central Oregon Invisible Fence.

They look pretty much like your standard oxygen mask, except they come in three different sizes and can help animals anywhere from a small mouse to a medium-sized horse.

“We had a fire structure fire last week in which we had to pull out two pets — a dog and a cat. And currently, we only carry one kit on our battalion chief’s rig in which we can provide oxygen to animals,” said Fire Marshal Tom Mooney with Redmond Fire and Rescue.

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The number of kits now goes from one to four. Each kit contains three different-sized masks to accommodate animals of all shapes and sizes.

“We know all of our animals are more than just pets. They are family members,” said Becky Grindeland with Central Oregon Invisible Fence.

Each kit comes with oxygen tubing that can be connected to oxygen bottles already carried on fire engines.

The donation will allow each engine to carry its own kit moving forward.


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