Redmond Fire & Rescue has new rig designed for protecting homes from wildfires


Redmond Fire & Rescue has a new truck to better respond to wildfires in the area.

The Pierce Wildland Type 3 Engine replaces a nearly 20-year-old converted military truck.

Deputy Chief Jeff Puller says unlike a standard structural fire truck, the new rig is designed to protect homes from approaching wildfires.

“It’s a lot more hose, it’s a lot more hand tools, it’s the water that the crews will use to be quick and active and move,” he said. “They can move from house to house with these rigs, where a structural engine – it’s tied to a hydrant.”

The $410,000 engine should arrive from Florida in the next couple of weeks.

Puller expects it to be ready for service by the end of July once crews are trained on the new equipment.


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