▶️ Redmond City Council approves steps on Dry Canyon Trail improvements


Redmond Dry Canyon Park and Trail are getting some badly needed upgrades.

“There’s a restroom we are putting in, hopefully near our dog park,” said Park Planner and Project Manager for the City of Redmond Maria Ramirez. “ Renovations of Spudbowl, which is our primary soccer field, and then it really brings together different sidewalk connections, landscaping, and different amenities.”

Redmond City Council approved a $409,100 contract with Environmental Science Associates for the design and construction oversight of a Central Dry Canyon Park Series Infrastructure Plan.

This is the start of an improvement project estimated to have a total cost of $4.7 million.

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“To help further the design development of our Central Dry Canyon plan,” said Ramirez. “That spans from the south side of the tennis courts to the north side of our dog park and really help connect each element of our park series together.”

$3.5 million is for the park improvements and $1.2 million is estimated for a new water main.

“A lot of it is for safety, you know, pedestrian safety, parking safety, getting it a little more organized so that we don’t have conflicts between vehicles and people on bikes, or walking, running, and I think it will be a win-win result,” said Mayor Ed Fitch.

The Redmond Area Park and Recreation District members were at the meeting, providing input and feedback before the council made its unanimous decision.

“Tonight with the council, we will begin the design in February. That’s about a nine-month process,” said Ramirez. “Once we are done with the design, we plan to procure the services of construction to help us get to that next phase, starting with breaking ground in June of 2024.”


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