▶️ Redmond drunk driver leaves wake of crashed cars and frustrated neighbors


A broken bumper, a busted tail light and more dents than you can count.

That’s what Aaron Tipler and several other people in Redmond woke up to Thursday morning after an act of drunk driving made its mark.

“I looked out my window and I literally watched him pull back off my truck, and then take off,” Tipler said. “I figured he was taking off to go home, which is right next door.”

According to Redmond Police, 37-year-old Rene Luis-Garcia was driving drunk and crashed into multiple parked cars, including Tipler’s, near 5th and Evergreen streets.

Tipler says this is not the first time he’s witnessed his neighbor driving recklessly.

“There was one night I woke up because he was driving, you could hear him screeching around the corners, and I called the cops then,” Tipler said. “I don’t know if he was cited then or not, but it’s been an ongoing issue.”

According to police, Luis-Garcia does not have insurance.

As for Tipler, angry is an understatement, and his truck will take a couple thousand dollars to fix.

Luis Garcia was cited with driving under the influence and hit and run. He was not jailed. 

“It’s a real issue that he’s not in jail for what he’s doing,” Tipler said.

Luis-Garcia even took out the Brightside Thrift Store sign.

“It’s really distressing,” said Kari Stuber, the store manager. “We had a really big, beautiful sign and we’re just a non-profit. Everything we get goes to the animal shelter to support them. So this is a big deal.”

Luckily, no one was hurt.

But Tipler is convinced someone could’ve been.

“The best case scenario was nobody was hurt,” Tipler said. “That’s the main thing. Trucks, signs, cars, they can all be replaced. People can’t.”


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