▶️ Private Redmond dog park lets you rent it all to yourself


“Downtown Doggieville” is a new, privately owned dog park that has opened in Redmond. For $30, dog owners can book the park for themselves for 45 minutes.

Park co-owner Trudy Gardner says this is an alternative for dogs that don’t do well in public dog parks and for owners who are worried about the spread of disease.

“With other dog parks, sometimes you never know. Anyone can go into that park. There’s no proof of vaccinations. Whereas here we vet everybody. We meet every dog and every owner before they come onto our property and we ask for basic vaccinations,” Gardner said.

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Garnder is no stranger to providing dog services. She’s the co-owner of Doggievilla Dog Resort and Doggieville Ranch Dog Training in Redmond. She says privately owned dog parks have become increasingly popular throughout the country and hers is no exception. 

“There’s a lot of interest in the park. People are booking it,” Gardner said.

Downtown Doggieville sits on a fenced-in quarter acre of land where your dogs can roam free after passing a vetting process.

“We do a meet-and-greet with [the owners]. They sign some paperwork, show us proof of vaccinations and then they’ll get a code to the door. They can use our scheduling app and book time at the park,” Gardner said.

While Gardner says the business has been successful so far, there are some dog owners that are wary of the price.

“Everyone’s entitled to do whatever they like with their money. I personally like bringing my dog out to different dog parks. To each their own, but that’s kind of a lot of money,” dog owner Shannon O’Neill said.

The standard price is $30 for a party of up to three dogs. Every extra dog costs another $5 with a maximum of five dogs being allowed in the park at a time.


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