▶️ Redmond school board discuss potential pot shop impacts, outdoor schooling


The Redmond School board held a special meeting Tuesday night on topics like outdoor schooling and the future of marijuana dispensaries in the city limits.

The board raised the issue in October after the Culver School District opted to bring students home from Camp Tamarack. That decision came after some Culver students reported feeling uncomfortable with counselors identifying as non-binary.

“So, there’s no way a family that might not want the transitioning counselor, of the counselor to the camp, there’s no way they would know that ahead of time,” said board member Alice DeWittie. “I guess they just show up and then deal with it at the time, which is sort of what happened this fall.”

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“So that issue is still not resolved,” said board member Keri Lopez, “It’s still there. And it sounds like it won’t be.

“It is resolved, just not how everybody likes it,” said Redmond School District Superintendent Charan Cline.

A second big talking point is the potential for the city of Redmond to allow marijuana dispensaries within city limits and how that might impact the school district and students.

“Right now, we are struggling with substance abuse issues on multiple levels with students consistently week to week, and so this won’t change the fight we’re in right now and the work we’re doing right now on that,” said Cline. “However, it does create a standby the board to say that’s not okay.”

The board voted to have two members create a final draft from the board and present it at a future city council meeting.


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