Redmond PD investigates rash of counterfeit $100 bills; releases suspect photo


The Redmond Police Department is asking the public’s help to identify a person related to an investigation into counterfeit $100 bills being passed around at local businesses. They have released a photo of the person they are labeling a suspect.

Redmond PD said some of the bills were able to pass initial detection practices. In some cases, the suspect requested smaller bills or wanted to make change for the $100 bill. A local bank found five counterfeit $100 bills in the past two days.

Anyone with information or who has identified a counterfeit bill is asked to call dispatch at 541-693-6911. Callers who have identified a bill is asked to also try to identify any vehicles and a physical description of the person trying to pass the bill.

Police are also encouraging businesses to visit the KnowYourMoney.pdf from the U.S. Secret Service for ways to identify counterfeit currency.

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