▶️ Redmond neighborhood fills street with chalk hearts after neighbor dispute


A neighborhood in southwest Redmond is responding to a neighbor dispute with chalk art. Hearts drawn out of chalk fill the street on Southwest Metolius Place from sidewalk to sidewalk.

“I saw it yesterday, and when I saw it it just put a big smile on my face. I went ‘ope, someone’s been busy,” Redmond caregiver Marilee Loy said.

The explosion of street art is in response to conflict with a specific neighbor.

“We have a really mean neighbor who doesn’t like us being in the road, coloring. So my mom was like, ‘go ahead, color hearts all over the road,'” neighbor Alyscia Saadeddin said.

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We tried speaking to the neighbor multiple times. They refused to comment.

It has since become a community-wide event, bringing people in from the area to take in the art on asphalt. 

“We first saw it on a post on Facebook, and as soon as I saw it I was like, ‘I have to come out here and be a part of this spreading kindness and sharing the love,'” Redmond resident Beck Trammel said.

Those who partake in drawing the hearts say the purpose is to promote spreading love and kindness.

“It’s pretty fun drawing nice things for people. I hope they get some happiness if they’re having a bad day, knowing that a lot of people care about them,” heart drawer Faith Brumbach said.

Lt. Jesse Petersen with Redmond Police Department says the chalk art is not considered graffiti or vandalism as the chalk is temporary and washes away. It would be considered illegal if the chalk art was threatening or causing permanent property damage.

Most neighbors say the chalk art has been generally well-received from the neighborhood and others who have come to check it out. 

Anyone is welcome to come draw at their heart’s desire.


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